PBteen: It’s My Bedroom And I’ll Decorate If I Want To!


When I was a teenager I didn’t have much say when it came to my bedroom’s decor. I had a hand-me-down bed, a hand-me-down dresser and a hand-me-down desk that was too small for me by the age of ten. My friends expressed themselves by taping posters to their walls, but I’d always found posters far too shiny and flimsy for my own taste. Instead, I’d take old paintings that my parents weren’t “using” from the house and hang them on my walls. Besides the undersized furniture, there was no visible sign that my bedroom even belonged to a teenager. A stranger would’ve assumed that a very small middle-aged man lived in my room.

So when a new catalogue from PBteen appeared at my doorstep the other morning, I have to admit it, I was jealous. PBteen, the offspring of parent company Pottery Barn, has a whole line of furniture and accessories for teenagers that are stylish, fun, and in no way similar to the room decor of an unusually sized adult.

The new De-Lite Lamp Base + Ruffle Rings Shade is a good example of PBteen’s ability to blend fun and simple elegance together, starting at $30.

The new Bouquet Floral Leanback Lounger looks like a cozy spot to read some Cliff’s Notes, starting at $159.

The Dress Form available in linen or black dottie allows teens to test fashion decisions from all angles, $199.

The new Metal Street Signs provides a legal way for teens to acquire public property, $39.

The Locker Desk has a sporty look that I would’ve loved to grown up with, $522.

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