Judging By The Cover: New Interior Design Books


The covers of these new books on interior design are so beautiful that it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside them. Just plop them down on the coffee table and you’re all set. But with the talents of Charlotte Moss, Richard Gillette, Suzanne Rheinstein and Billy Baldwin on full display, it’s a pretty safe bet that the insides are just as packed with amazing images and inspiring design.  


Renowned interior designer Charlotte Moss will be releasing her seventh title Charlotte Moss Decorates this April, published by Rizzoli New York. $50.

The first monograph of work by visionary interior designer Richard Gillette entitled The Art of the Interior will be released this February, published by Rizzoli New York. $60.

Interior designer and owner of Hollyhock, Los Angeles’ renowned antique and decorative arts mecca, Suzanne Rheinstein, has recently released her book At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past highlighting her elegant and relaxed style. $55.

This new release by Rizzoli is the definitive book on legendary decorator Billy Baldwin (1903-1983) known as the “Dean of American Decorating,” famous for his brilliant use of color and mixing of classic and modern design. $65.

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