Commissioned Art on the Cheap


I first wrote of my love for Paul Ferney’s paintings back in October, when his amazing cake creations were calling to me. Well, things haven’t changed much, except now rather than thinking I’d have to wait until I’m flush with cash to someday have a piece by the artist, now I’m contemplating commissioning a painting or two all for myself.

Did I recently incur some minor windfall, you ask? Why no, but Ferney has come up with an inventive way for art lovers on a budget to get their hands on an original work. It’s called the Commission Project, and here’s how it works: Buy a commission from Ferney’s website for a measly $240, then send him any 5 x 7 image you’d like rendered for posterity. He’ll paint it and mail it to you by the end of April.

PS, that’s just in time for Mother’s Day, in case you need any more reason to go for it.

More information on the Commission Project here.

Via Oh Happy Day

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