Mark the Date: 2011 Calendar Roundup



  I picked up the phone yesterday only to hear my friend rattle off three events coming up next month. “So are you free?” she asked. I went to look at my calendar and realized that I was still stuck in December 2010. Every year, I forget to buy one. It’s usually about June when I get around to hanging mine up. But for 2011, designers are making a usually mundane task hard to forget. Instead of hanging my typical paper calendar, I think I will try one of these new designs. My favorite is the Perpetual Calendar by Calouette. Not only will it last forever, it’s made out of salvaged timber. It can easily double as a substantial piece of art on any wall. In order to use the calendar, you simply pull out the acrylic tags and mark them with important dates, switching them back and forth as the years progress. But $2,950, let’s hope it’s still available when I manage to save up the cash. 


The Perpetual calendar by Gideon Dagan was originally made for MoMA in 1998. This sleek and modern design can be wall-mounted or set on a desktop. Manually set the magnetic balls on the current month and date to keep track of time. It can be your for just $28.



Twisting the traditional with modern design, a standard piece of paper becomes the focal point  of any office. The 

Twenty Eleven calendar from is fresh and functional. Hang it anywhere and fill up the 

spaces. Even better—it’s on sale for $10.



British graphic designer Derek Bowers created this calendar based on Pantone colors. Look even closer and you’ll see a mosaic of 1,440 images from cultures and countries from around the world. 



The Daily Dot Chalkboard Wall calendar by Simple Shapes can be applied directly to the wall. You can write

 and erase, so plans don’t have to be set in stone. Grab it on for $68. 



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