Occupied by Octopi


It’s rare for the design tastes of Florida retirees to align with the hipster stylings of my fellow art school students, but I think I may have found the perfect match. With both the nautical motif beloved by senior beachcombers and an irreverent nature sure to delight young city dwellers, octopus inspired design has the ability to bridge age-related divides. I called my mother (recently retired and resettled on Florida’s Gulf Coast) and she agrees; “that octopus stuff is pretty neat!”

Here is some octopus-inspired decor, I think is pretty neat as well.



The Octopus Outdoor Pillow ($75) and Octopus Shower ($125) from Thomas Paul seem to come straight out of a Jules Verne novel.

Since we humans don’t have eight arms, some morning coffee out of an Octopi Cup might be are best bet, $14.

If you feel pretty confident that you won’t tire anytime soon of octopi design, why not wallpaper a room with Octopus Garden Wallpaper from Anthropologie, $198.

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