Dicey? Nah. Just Deals from Devil Dingo Rugs


My boyfriend glances nervously out the car windows. “Where is this guy?” he asks.  When I told him that I’d prefer to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon not at the park, but rather at a storage unit it San Leandro, he was understandably a little confused. Not to mention mildly concerned. My addiction to Craigslist’s furniture section has led us on a hunt for an authentic Persian rug. I have a hunch it will really tie the room together. And since I don’t have thousands to drop on a rug at an actual brick-and-mortar store, I’m here in the depths of San Leandro, waiting to meet the owner of Devil Dingo Rugs instead.

One of many Devil Dingo rugs

I look to my left. The couple in the Prius parked next to us seems to be having similar reservations. I get out as they do.

“Are you guys here to see Randy?”

There’s a slightly relieved look in their eyes knowing they aren’t the only ones crazy enough to venture out here for a rug.
In short order Randy arrives, a smiling, affable guy in shorts and a ball cap. He unlocks the front gate and beckons us to drive back into the maze of storage units. If it wasn’t for his friendly demeanor and the sun shining so bright overhead, it might be a little unnerving. Oh, and did I mention he’s driving a golf cart? It’s really hard to be creepy in one of those.

Nerves assuaged, we make it to Randy’s unit, and it’s chock-full, literally stacked to the ceiling with rugs. Randy is reeling off facts about each one as he flings a few out and unfurls them, while I jockey with the Prius people to get first crack at the wares. They find a tribal rug they like and quickly hightail it out of there, while I hem and haw over a few gorgeous Bakhtiars. It’s old hat to the dogs patiently waiting in Randy’s truck (the dingoes of name). The boyfriend, on the other hand, is ready to call it a day.

In the end we leave empty-handed, but with Randy’s card. He says if we find one we like on the website, he’ll happily deliver to the city or even down the Peninsula.

I’m bummed I didn’t get a rug, but not beaten. After weeks checking in on the site, I strike gold: a Bakhtiar rug I love that will set me back not thousands, but a mere couple hundred bucks. Not bad, especially when it’s delivered to my ‘hood.

Moral of the story? By no means should you trust the vast majority of Craigslist transactions, but if you’re looking for a rug, the selection and service with Devil Dingo Rugs is definitely worth the drive.

Image: Devil Dingo Rugs

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