Dog Houses for Owners with Big Budgets (and Backyards)


These houses might be going to the dogs, but I don’t think they’re going to complain. Canines might not be design conscious, but these stylish dog houses appear pretty plush and if there is one thing dogs value other than food, it’s comfort.The prices on some of these dog houses are a little less comfortable. But for the dog owner with a big budget and backyard, these dog houses should make for some pampered pets.

The Lonneberga doghouse from Best Friend’s Home is a gorgeous red colonial with a hefty price tag, $3,600.

The Cubix doghouse also from Best Friend’s Home is a glass modernist gem, $2,500.

The Leafbox from California-based company Sustainable Pet Design, is an eco-friendly doghouse with a whimsical design, starting at $2,000.

The Dog Barn also from Sustainable Pet Design, is another green doghouse at half the price, starting at $1,000.


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