Up Your Game with Stylish Sports Decor


Maybe it’s all the New Year’s resolutions to get fit still floating in the air, maybe it’s the NFL playoffs (Go Bears!) or perhaps it’s the long awaited return of sunshine outside, but I have been feeling very sporty spice lately. However, trying to combine my passion for interior design with my love for sports isn’t that easy. Who’s asking me to? Well, no one, but I thought it might be fun to try.

Here are a few sporty items that don’t scream “I’m a college freshman!” or “Welcome to my bachelor pad.” Bring them out for the big game or leave them out all year.

While most sport trophies (plastic made to look like gold) look best in hidden in an old trunk, Silver Trophies from Pottery Barn can be allowed to shine in almost any room. (starting at $69

If you think football fans are fanatic, you haven’t met enough soccer fans. Designed to look like an oversized antique soccer ball the Wembley Chair by designer Paolo Lillus looks like a comfortable spot to take in a game or two. ($2400)

For those who want their sport-themed decor to be a little toned-down, cast iron Fishing Weights from Restoration Hardware can also act as good paper weights. ($99)

Most sport-themed wall decor is too shiny and garish (think posters and neon lights) but vintage felt pennants look better the older they get. This 1930’s pennant from Antique Athlete ($500) would be a treasured piece to my Uncle Raoul the Packers Fan (I hope they lose!) 


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