Designer Spotlight: Judson Beaumont


The name of Judson Beaumont’s design workshop, Straight Line Designs, must have been made tongue-in-cheek because as you will see, very few straight lines exist in his custom designed furniture. Having worked out of Vancouver for over 25 years, Beaumont has gained quite the reputation for his creative and whimsical designs. Though his workshop has created a wide array of objects, from iPod chargers to carrot-shaped go karts, it is his fantastical furniture for children that has gained Beaumont a lot of notice—and for very good reason.

All of Straight Line Designs furniture is made to order and starts around $1500.

The Anne Armoire is made from Western maple and appears to have jumped directly out of a Disney Cartoon.

Brian, is an accordion-shaped dresser made from stained MDF.

The name of the Oops! Cabinet just about says it all. While some storage space may have been sacrificed due to its design, I’m guessing most kids won’t mind.

The Crash Table made from Western Maple shows what can happen to a perfectly fine table when it runs it into a brick wall at about a 100 mph.


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