Eco Party Shop Puts Down Roots


Acme Party Box Company, purveyors of all that is eco-chic in party supplies, is making their pop-up store in Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village a permanent fixture.

Partners Lisa Fulker and Cathy Keyani say that their temporary outlet was successful over the holidays and now they are going to sign a lease and make the company an official bricks-and-mortar venture. If you aren’t familiar with the store and website whose motto is “party, rinse, repeat,” Valentine’s Day is a perfect getting-to-know-you opportunity.

After being dismayed by trashcans filled with non-recyclable wrapping paper, plates, napkins and cutlery in the wake of birthday parties, New Year’s bashes and baby showers, Fulker and Keyani came up with the the Acme Party Box Company. “People have become accustomed to parties meaning disposable goods,” says Keyani. “When we went looking for party supplies that could be reused and recycled, we found nothing. So we started this company online. We launched the pop-up just before the holidays.”

Acme specializes in goods that can either be used again, incorporated into an interior once the big day is over or tossed in the recycle or compost bin. They sell both party boxes that contain all you need for a fete and individual items. Staples of their trade include cloth napkins, wooden centerpieces and favors made from recycled paper. Whatever the material, the partners are as staunchly tasteful as they are green.

Three great ideas:

Mason jars ($36 for a dozen) as drinking glasses—they make great favors, too!

Cool tableware from Wasara ($44 for an eight-piece set). These plates look great and go straight to compost after the festivities.

And cloth buntings ($36) that can decorate a kid’s birthday party and then his or her room.

Visit Acme Party Company online or at 855 El Camino Real, Ste. 102, Palo Alto.


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