Zen Home: The Ultimate in Eco-Cleaning


Simply calling Zen Home a green cleaning service is like saying the iPad is great for reading email. There’s. Just. So. Much. More. The holistic home service—which includes eco-cleaning, green-living consulting, home organization, color consultation and painting—has hit San Francisco, and the pampering offerings will make you feel like a diva in a luxe hotel.


You’ve heard, and no doubt laughed, about the demands tempermental stars make (a bowl of M&Ms with all the green pieces removed, etc.). The list of amenities offered by Zen Home would satisfy even the most finicky actor or actress. Here’s a few: Uniformed cleaning consultants burn your choice of scented oils (lemongrass, jasmine or lavendar) while they thoroughly scour your home with non-toxic cleaning agents. They finish by spritzing bed linens with chamomile or lavendar and placing an organic chocolate and a sachet of herbal tea on the pillow.

A stay in a five-star hotel was one of the initial inspirations when Deanna Hains opened Zen Home in New York six years ago. “We were at the Sanderson Hotel in London, and every day while we were out, a person would not only clean the room, but also organize my toiletries by height and with the labels facing out,” she says. “It made a big impact on me.”

She decided to make San Francisco the site of her second office after research told her of the city’s commitment to all things eco.

To Hains, who has studied both interior design and architecture, home organization services and color consultation are just natural extensions of the cleaning process. “It’s all connected. You want to be motivated, soothed and inspired in your own home,” she says.

So, you may wonder, how much does it cost? Using a 1,000-square-foot apartment as a model, and noting that each job is unique, Hains estimates a one-time cleaning would run between $140-$175. If you schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments, prices go down and organization, color consultation and painting services are extra.

A small price to pay to make your digs diva-worthy.



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