How To Decorate The Nursery And Terrify The Kids



Most art for children’s rooms tends to be saccharine sweet, with cheerful animals, dinosaurs and Disney princesses adorning the nursery walls. It’s the stuff hipster parenting nightmares are made of. But for parents willing to risk their offspring’s peace of mind rather than their own, the newly opened exhibit In the Nursery at the Corey Helfand Gallery in Culver City might hold a strange appeal.

“Very First Time” By Chris Anthony

The group exhibit features re-interpretations of classic children’s nursery art. The painters, graffiti artists and photographers in the show have produced re-imagined pieces that both captivating and deeply disturbing. While many of the pieces reference the wide-eyed babes from illustrator Margaret Keane or the playful drawings of Jean de Brunhoff and A.A. Milne, they take a sharp left turn to explore contemporary anxieties.

“Progress” By HUSH

The 25 artists in the show include Los Angeles-based Paul Frank and Chris Anthony, sculptor Liz McGrath and street artists Eine and HUSH, among others. The show opened on Saturday and will be on view until February 9th.

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