Winner Announced! The Best-Designed Restaurant in SF


We have just crowned the first winner of the best restaurant design in our monthly online feature: Design Democracy. More than 3,000 votes were cast for the 23 spots nominated for Best-Designed Restaurant in San Francisco, with Local Mission Eatery beating out the rest with 741 votes. 

Design Democracy

SF Restaurant Design: Local Mission Eatery

San Francisco’s Atelier KS designed Local Mission Eatery with an eye to the surrounding buildings in its Mission District location. During the renovation of the site’s original structure, a 100-plus-year-old Victorian, the design team—Kelli Franz and Seth Pare-Mayer—uncovered thick, Douglas fir floor joists and ceiling beams, which they repurposed to create window frames and a large, communal dining table. To support the restaurant/bakery/cookbook library’s mission as a place to learn, not just eat, the walk-in cooler was fitted with windows that look out to the dining room.


Runners Up:

Second and third place went to Twenty Five Lusk and Credo respectively. 

From left: Credo and Twenty Five Lusk

Congrats to all that were nominated, and thanks so much to all our readers who participated. 

Our next Design Democracy contest is already in full swing: Sexiest Hotel room in L.A. Click over to nominate your pick, and voting will kick off on February 7. 


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