Don’t Throw Out That Cardboard Box!


I’m constantly amazed by the creations that designers make from almost any material. Just the other day I was finally unloading some old boxes full of books and then what did I do? I broke the boxes down and threw them into the recycling bin…silly me. If only I knew better and was about a thousand times more skilled at working with my hands I may have been able to create something worth keeping. These are a few fine examples of what a little ingenuity and a whole lot of talent can create out of cardboard.

Designer Tim May created his “Can Cardboard Cut It?” chair from already-recycled corrugated cardboard and stainless steel thread and rods. The chair comes with a companion stool fitted into the leg rest that can be pulled out for extra seating or act as a side table. The entire chair and stool is 100% recyclable.

Dutch artist Ferry Staverman creates beautiful paper sculptures that can range from the very small to larger than life. All her sculptures are constructed from recycled cardboard and thread. Her use of various colors and fine details are really quite stunning. 






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