Prefab Profile: PopUp House


House Port has created a stunning prefab model called the PopUp House for under $100 per square foot. Designed and conceived by Hally Thatcher the prototype PopUp house was built in just three months for less than $250,00 in Petaluma, CA. The prototype house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is quite spacious inside. The house can be built in either a single cube model for $70,000 or a double cube which sells for $160,000.

The actual home is shaded by a galvanized metal roof that provides natural ventilation and protection from the elements.

Another view from under the roofline.

The prototype house consists of two separate cubes under the same free-standing roof.

One of the reasons that the PopUp house is relatively inexpensive is because it doesn’t include the cost of finishing materials. The kitchen, bathroom, plumbing and lighting are additional costs left to the homeowner. While this definitely ups the total cost, it does provide unlimited options for the homeowner. 

House Port does offer a line of furniture, shown above, called the Desert Series which is a collection of ready-to-assemble flatpack furniture produced domestically from eco-friendly products.

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