Lovable Alarm Clocks?


What is it exactly that makes me want to pick up my alarm clock every morning and throw it against the wall? Is it the incessant buzzing? Or the idea of pulling myself out of bed? It’s probably a bit of both. But if I had one that looked anything like these alarm clocks, I might think twice before flinging it against a wall.


The product’s name: “Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock,” pretty much says it all. This alarm clock from Bedol works on 100% on natural water. Just fill it up and your good for 8 to 12 weeks of accurate timekeeping before refreshing ($19).

First presented at the 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair, the Paper Alarm Clock from Joon & Jung was cobbled together using collected paper, a second-hand alarm clock and a knitted cord. Just don’t put it too close to the water alarm clock!

Consisting of four translucent cubes the LED Alarm Clock designed by Jonas Damon literally breaks the mold. But mixing up the cubes could literally have you losing track of time ($80).



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