Marimekko + Converse = a perfect Valentine


There’s nothing better than two of your favorite things coming together at once: a mashup of Aretha Franklin and The Scissor Sisters, Baz Luhrmann directing The Great Gatsby or these cute new kicks, a one-two combo from Converse and Marimekko.

Marimekko, the Finnish textile house established in the 1960s, has had a ubiquitous resurgence—the bold simple patterns have shown up at Ikea, Anthropologie and Crate and Barrel over the last decade. But teaming up with Converse for a line of women’s sneakers was a nice surprise… I particularly like the cute red-and-white Jack Purcells (above), which remind me of my favorite Benetton sweater from middle school. And I REALLY like that every pair comes with a cute matching shoe bag. 


The hightops aren’t my favorite (though I’ll admit there was a time they were… flash to 1983, when I had to get two pairs at Bob’s Surplus Store so I could wear mint green on one foot and pink on the other—I was, however, sophisticated enough to draw the line at tying a bandana around my knee) but I love that the design looks like loops of shoelaces. fun!





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