Doormats That Make a Good First Impression


The unwelcome return of rain today immediately reminded me that I need to buy a new doormat. However, since I find most doormats either too ornate or too boring, a little research was in order.

I don’t want the word “welcome” scrawled out in flowery cursive and I don’t want anything monogrammed. But I really don’t want to go the completely blank natural fiber route either. So, after pouring over the internet, I think I have found some suitable options that are practical, stylish, and (hopefully) welcoming.

What do you look for in a doormat? Let me know…

The Black Crow Coir Doormat has a slight spooky quality that makes it perfect for autumn. But I also think it has a hipster sentiment that makes it suitable for year round use, ($24.)

A great place for cheerful and fun doormats is India Rose. These three, from top to bottom; Honeycomb, Gerganay Orange and Mrs. Terwillinger, can all be purchased for $35.


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