Tissue Boxes That Are Nothing To Sneeze At


I haven’t got a cold yet this winter season (knock on wood.) But if I did, I would feel a little better about being handcuffed to a tissue box if I had one of these…

When I saw this Whale Tissue Holder I thought, “that’s so obvious, why didn’t I create that?” Well I didn’t. But etsy shop Gnome Sweeeet Gnome did. And now it can be yours for $29.99.

Perfect for traveling, the sneezer-on-the-go can hang the Linen Tissue Cover on a hook, carry it by its strap or jam it into a suitcase worry-free, ($16.65.)


The name of this tissue box, Tissue, was created by designer John Brauer. He wanted to create a vessel that mimicked its contents, ($32.)

The Paper Pot tissue holder reminds me of an old cartoon bomb. Being sick has never been so much fun!, ($38.)

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