Hotel Lautner Getting Ready for Debut*


With Modernism Week in Palm Springs starting tomorrow and running through the 27th, we’re looking east towards the desert. One of the more exciting debuts is coming just to the north of Palm Springs in nearby Desert Hot Springs. The Hotel Lautner, a tiny gem (just four units) of a hotel is set to open on March 4th, after a painstaking three-year renovation by owners Tracy Beckmann and Ryan Trowbridge.

Interior designer Tracy Beckmann had announced several years ago their plan to add a pool and according to her Facebook feed, the pool is now installed (though there aren’t yet pictures available). Beckmann and Trowbridge bought the property in 2008 after the previous owner died unexpectedly and the property sat on the market for awhile. The two had their work cut out for them, tearing out much of the weathered materials and replacing them as meticulously as they could.

New redwood beams, expanses of smooth concrete and large glass windows fill the space, providing protection from the elements coupled with light-filled interiors. Each unit has its own garden and patio.

Introductory rates are $250 per night with a two night minimum, a bargain if you can’t pony up the $5+ million for Lautner’s Wolff House that keeps bouncing on and off the market.

*UPDATE: Owner Tracy Beckmann emailed to let us know the introductory rate of $250 is for people who registered on the site between 2008-2010. Beckmann writes “I still haven’t figured out what the rates will be but at least $350 to start.”

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