Upping The Cute Factor With Doggie Bookends


I’m not exactly sure how they go together, as far as I know dogs can’t read. But there seems to be a lot of bookends out there featuring our furry four-legged friends. These are a few that I find pretty adorable and will surely up the cute factor in your home.

Since I had a few comments that my “Doormat” blog was not very Valentine’s Day in spirit, I figured I would add a little schmaltz to this one. For those of you who don’t know, I have two long-haired chihuahuas and they often remind me of bookends themselves when they’re laying on opposites sides of the bed.

These Bronze and Marble Retriever Bookends from New Orleans store, Hazelnut provide adorable balance to any book collection, ($138.)

The Dachshund Bookends at Jonathan Adler are definitely long on cuteness, ($150.)


They don’t look particularly cuddly, but there are a lot of Fu dog bookends on the market. These red ones come from CB2.


Oh No! Someone split Toto in two. He seems content though. These Scottie Dog Bookends are on sale for $50.

My own real-life doggie bookends, Strabo and Brutus, ($priceless.)

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