First Proto Home Pops Up In Baldwin Hills


Open for a preview this weekend is the first Proto Home by the developer of the same name, who hopes to “productize” modern home building in L.A.  (think of it as the iPad of homes). Modern and modular, the first eco-conscious, 2,500-square-foot Proto Home is set to debut in Baldwin Hills  on Saturday.

The homes also aim to be affordable, clocking in at $200 per square foot, inclusive of foundations to appliances (but not the land itself) making it an attractive alternative to most custom home builders. The developers hope to reduce that cost even more as they streamline production.

The developers also guarantee they can build on any urban infill lot in any part of the city, within 10 percent of neighborhood comps. The homes come in a variety of standard sizes, from mini (800-100 sf) to extra large (3,200 to 4,000 sf).

The list of sustainable features is fairly impressive, including a “cool roof,” recyclable exterior metal cladding, low-flow toilets and green appliances.The homes also revolve around a centralized “core” for its utilities and electricity and are designed to be “upgradeable” in the future so owners can re-plumb, renovate, and reconfigure the home relatively seamlessly.

The home is available to view by appointment only. Check the web site (also set to launch on Sat) for more information.

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