Prefab Profile: Futuro House


It’s time to go back to the future for this prefab profile. The Futuro house, a series of flying-saucer-like houses, were created by Finnish architect Matt Suuronen in 1968. One of the earliest prefab designs to be produced, about 100 Futuros were built in the 1960s and ’70s.

At 11-feet high and 26-feet wide, the Futuro was comfortably large, but light enough to be transported by helicopter to remote locations. The house was constructed of fiber-glass and plastic and many believe the demise of the Futuro was the result of skyrocketing oil prices in the late ’70s that sent the price of plastic through the roof.


We come in peace. The exterior for the Futuro House was otherworldly.

The floor plan for the Futuro.

The open dining and living room area.

The kitchen was also open to the rest of the living space.

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