What Is Your Desk Hiding?


Got something to hide? Looking for a little more privacy at the office? Want a desk that can double as a table? Then one of these desks should work for you.

Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the Duplex Workspace Desk, but I think I might feel silly sitting in it with its top pulled up.

The sculptural Le Orchidee Desk was created by British designer Marc Fish. The desk is made from Burl Walnut and has two different drawers that slide out and top that rolls back for storage.

Designer Sophie Kirkpatrick created the Duplex Workspace Desk as the perfect solution for creating privacy in a public workspace. Just pull the top over and pesky office mates will know to leave you alone.

The Storage Table by Rebwar Faille looks like a simple table at first glance, but pull up a few of its secret compartments and you have a large workspace with plenty of storage.

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