Designer Brendan Ravenhill Moves from Bottle Openers to Bar Design


When designer Brendan Ravenhill, a RISD alum, moved to Los Angeles about a year ago with his wife, they thought it was a temporary move while they checked out the city. Today, the couple’s belongings may still be in storage back in Providence, but L.A. has become home. We first found Ravenhill through a post on his lighting designs at Remodelista, which are inspired by industrial light fixtures.

Ravenhill also takes the trend towards exposed bulbs a step further, exposing not just the filaments, but all of the electrical components.

Ravenhill’s career arc is starting to resemble the mythology of a some Hollywood starlets. Instead of being “discovered” sitting on a fountain stool in a drugstore, the owners of popular eatery Osteria La Buca in Hollywood spotted a wood-handled bottle opener Ravenhill had designed in a magazine.

A meeting with the owner led to much more than an order for bottle openers. Ravenhill is now re-designing the bar expansion and restaurant. It’s a tricky task since the restaurant hasn’t closed during the makeover, so much of the work is done during off hours. 

The result is a stylish combination of industrial and rustic elements, with custom designed furniture, stools, and chairs. With Ravenhill doing much of the work himself, we don’t expect him to skip town anytime soon to head back to the snowy terrain of New England.

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