L.A. Street Art Peaks During Oscar Week?


Between last weekend’s NBA All Star Game and this weekend’s Super Bowl for Women, the Oscars, Los Angeles’ traffic is even more unbearable than usual (and that’s not to mention the minor clusterf*cks caused by the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, and the myriad other awards presentations that draw nominees, their entourages, tourists and limos into town). So what’s the upside? It looks like there is also an influx of street artists in LA right now, and since we’re not moving too quickly, we have time to stop and look at the walls and billboards taken over by the likes of Banksy and JR.

Last week, Wooster Collective spotted this piece in Venice. Part of JR’s larger “Wrinkles of the City,” the artist is painting large murals across Los Angeles, including MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and one on 4th Street downtown. LA Weekly has put together this helpful Google Map tracking all of the pieces going up across the city. And if watching paint dry sounds appealing to you (literally) there are these videos of JR’s pieces going up in L.A.

Photo: Shannon Cottrell/LA Weekly

In addition to JR, prankster and Oscar-nominee Banksy is also in town. The good people at blog MELROSEandFAIRFAX have been obsessively tracking Banksy’s movements (and some of the subsequent vandalism as his work is defaced/stolen, leading to a tautological conundrum: is it possible to vandalize something that may be considered vandalism)? Ponder that for a moment. And in the meantime, check out Banksy’s cheeky billboard done of a HIGHLY visible stretch of the Strip last week.

The piece was taken down fairly quickly, and not without controversy while other Banksy pieces are literally being cut off the sides of walls. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a new crop of Banksy pieces popping up after the Oscars.

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