New from Design House Stockholm


Design House Stockholm, purveyors of beautifully designed and ultra-functional goods, has just introduced several new items that will be hitting shelves at California retailers such as Zinc Details (SF), A + R and Huset (L.A.) this spring. Like many Scandinavian items, these accessories illicit a smile of both appreciation and amusement.

Take, for instance, Cobalt created by Catharina Kippel. The plates, bowls, pitcher, cups and creamer seem to be a streamlined take on traditional Delft china.


Designer Lena Bergstrom has made two different rugs for DHS; the colorful Uman is named after a river running through Sweden and it demands attention.

The other, called Bjork, is composed of quieter hues and is inspired by the birch trees that populate Sweden. Bjork also includes leather-handled ottomans.

I love the simple lines and plump profile of Ulla Christiansson’s Globe collection. The glass polishing process is stopped before it’s complete, leaving each piece with a matte circular shape on the base.

The Quake mug, designed by Gustaf Nordenskiold, is based on clay vessels that were skaken to form random shapes. Nordenskiold is fascinated by how the slightly off-kilter form makes people aware of how they hold and drink from the piece.

Like a lot of Scandinavian designs, it’s the perfect combo of art, craft and utility.


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