Prefab Profile: Blue Sky Homes


Lets cut to the chase. Blue Sky Homes based out of Palm Springs builds jaw-dropping prefabs. Offering an architect-created catalog that utilizes all-steel frames and tons of glass, they have gained a reputation for creating prefabs that exemplify indoor/outdoor living.

The pictures below are of their smallest model the BSH 1,000 O2. While only 1,000 square feet, its large glass sliding doors, clerestory windows, and an open living space work together to create the sense of a much larger home.

Front exterior of the BSH 1,000 O2

The model’s floor plan.

Living area which opens onto the front deck.

Kitchen and dining area that also opens on the front deck.

One of two bedrooms also with large sliding doors opening to the outside.

Centrally located bathroom, again with large floor-to-ceiling window.

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