Private Art Gallery Makes the Most of Leftover Space


There are many ways well-heeled Angelenos indulge in luxury—expensive spas, private chefs and flashy cars. But few are as stylish at this recently completed private art gallery in a hillside home in Santa Monica. Designed by L.A.-based architecture firm Standard LA,  the 2,000-square-foot gallery is essentially “leftover” space beneath the home’s hillside garden.

The unusual shape of the gallery is informed by the sloping shape of the hill, and it is essentially built under an artificial landscape supported by a massive concrete structure (think freeway overpass). The gallery is two levels with the entrance opening into the mezzanine with a view towards the main gallery below.

The undulating white beam ceiling covers the existing concrete structure, with lighting, mechanical and AV devices slotted between the beams.

The owners of the gallery plan to curate rotating collections by various artists, and to exhibit their personal collection. This year, the gallery features works by abstract painter Caio Fonseca.

This isn’t Standard’s first gallery space. The architecture firm also designed West Hollywood’s Maxfield Gallery, an applied arts and furniture showroom that showcases important 20th-century pieces.

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