Get the Message?


What’s the word? Just look at your pillow. Designers are putting words and messages on everything from chairs to coat hooks. These designs are literally conversation pieces—they speak for themselves. 

Everybody needs a little motivation before those Monday morning meetings. Why not get it on your way out the door? The Quote Hook by Blend will get you inspired for $55. 

The Road Tested Chair by John Carter is made of “walk/don’t walk” signs that still light up. Just plug it in to a standard outlet and let the pedestrians take a break. Buy it for $3700 on

Why would Justin Bieber be in your living room? He was one of the top Google searches of 2010, of course. The Google Pillow 2010 is a piece of popular culture that stylishly sits on your couch. Get it from ElasticCo on for $69.

The Letters form Words sterling silver ring collection by Trudee Hill allows you to wear a single letter ring or multiple rings to form any word you would like.

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