Touchable Wallpaper


Inspirations for Lori Weitzner‘s new TOUCH wallpaper collection include well-worn jeans and soft wool flannel suits. The caressability of the line will have you running your fingers along the wall, and the clever features will allow you to use them in surprising ways.

Take, for instance, Magnetism. The woven-linen wallpaper is backed by iron oxide. On its own it’s pretty to look at, but add a magnet and it becomes a display wall for a child’s room or home office. Gray and red colors have just been added to the neutral palette.

Flannel is inspired by soft men’s suiting. The use of this wallcovering would give a room an almost upholstered feeling.

Like a favorite pair of blue jeans, Denim can be dressed up or down—any way you style it, it’s comfortable.

Mia is an unique wallpaper that, depending on the light, is either a quiet texture or a glimmering weave. It’s made of banana leaf and silk; comes in five colors and is dusted with a hint of sparkle.

TOUCH is available to the trade at Kneedler-Fauchere in San Francisco and Los Angeles.





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