Designer Pillows from Massucco Warner Miller


Julie Massucco Kleiner, co-founder and principal designer at Massucco Warner Miller, says a pair of pillows in a little girl’s room launched their new collection of ready-made cushions. “Melissa Warner [also a principal and co-founder] created two pillows with a pink silhouette for the daughter of a client,” she says. “When it was published in a magazine, we received over 100 calls asking where to buy it. We thought there was enough of a market to launch this collection.”

This pillow is inspired by the original. The silhouette is Warner’s, but it’s called the Venus Cameo. The 18-inch-square accessory is stuffed with a down and feather blend.

A similar pillow, above, is called the David Cameo, although the profile is Kleiner’s husband (who is not named David). Both pillows can be customized with one of nine different color options for the silhouette.

The firm is known for their details, and thus the Kathryn Lumbar (22 x 14, $295), above, is undeniably from MWM. It also comes in a turquoise color, below.

The Kristine, below, comes in two colorways: punch (shown) and a gray-and-taupe version called driftwood.

“We plan to launch new collections each season,” says Kleiner. “Within each, all of the pillows will coordinate with each other.”

The pieces can be ordered from the MWM website.

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