Designer Spotlight: AK47 Outdoor Fire Pits


There’s something about sitting by an open fire at night that just feels right–like it’s been hardwired into our DNA. Whether you’re making s’mores, singing songs, or just staring into the flame, it’s a nice place to be. Unfortunately, most store bought fire pits tend to look commercial and uninspired. That’s where AK47 comes in. There lineup of outdoor fire pits provide rustic yet beautiful compliments to nature.

The Zen fire pit can be arrayed in various material (stones are used above.)

The Zero is sturdy enough to sit on and provides a deep shelve to store firewood.

The Rondo has a large stone ledge perfect for seating.

The Discolo is very versatile it can be placed into a hole in the earth or sit atop a layer of rocks.

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