Estria Foundation Kicks Off 10 Murals in 10 Cities in L.A.


Oakland-based non-profit Estria Foundation has kicked off its ambitious Water Writes project, a public art initiative focused on the worldwide water crisis. In the next 10 months, Estria will create ten collaborative mural projects in ten cities around the globe, with the first one unveiled this past Saturday in L.A.

Estria seems to be taking the mantra “Think Globally, Act Locally” to heart. The murals are tailored to each community affected by water issues. Estria’s mission is to “educate and empower communities to express their voice visually through  public art.” The L.A. mural is located at KIPP LA Prep (KIPP Academy), a charter school recently featured in Davis Guggenheimʼs “Waiting for Superman” documentary.

For the L.A. mural, Estria has partnered with local artists and organizations, including SPARC, Mobile Mural Lab, Casual Play, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Friends We Love, Graffiti Saved My Life, Las Moscas Productions, Mictlan Murals, and Trust Your Struggle Collective. Additionally, students at the KIPP Academy have been participating in water education workshops.

After L.A., Estria heads closer to home in Oakland, and other confirmed sites include Honolulu and Arizona. The foundation is also planning murals in the Philippines, Palestine, El Salvador, and Colombia.

Between Estria’s socially conscious public art, Banksy’s slyly subversive stencils all over L.A., and JR’s amazing “Wrinkles of the City” paste ups popping up everywhere (that helped win him the prestigious TED prize this year), the city seems to be entering a golden age of street art. MOCA’s upcoming “Art in the Street” exhibition has its work cut out for it if it hopes to compete with the city itself.

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