French-Provencal Style at Emerald Fish


Heddie Chu’s shopping knows no geographical bounds. Her work at NC2, an architecture and interior design firm, takes her around the world, and she uses the opportunity to scour markets (both flea and otherwise). The San Franciscan sells her new and one-of-a-kind finds on Emerald Fish, her online emporium. This week she launched a virtual market inspired by Les Puces, her favorite French flea market.

Les Puces is in France, but it has a decidedly global aspect. For instance, one of the finds originated close to home: a Bauerware coffee carafe and cups ($180).

Chu loves the idea of using this green bottle ($60) as a wine decanter (glasses sold separately).

Colored glass must be a Chu favorite, since many great gem-hued pieces are available. One of them is this highly collectible Carlo Scarpa bowl.

There’s also an amazing collection of vintage Italian lamps up for grabs (from $800).

Chu shows her world-view by combining a blue table runner from Korea, gold cutlery from Portugal, and spice bowls and coasters from India.

An hour lunch break may not be  long enough for an exotic trip, but it’s time enough to peruse Emerald Fish’s well-edited wares.

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