Live Like Slash. Or Buy His Coffee Table. Whatever.


What is this terrifying table you ask? Who could possibly own this assault on good taste and decent design? Is someone trying to scare their kids? Is it…(god help us) ironic? Or do you feel like you absolutely, positively must own it? If you fall into the latter camp, lucky you. This table, designed to look like bones, was a gift from none other than our favorite tiger blood-coursing, adonis-DNA-having warlock , Charlie Sheen to Slash. And it’s up for auction this weekend.

The table, as well as guitars, clothing, jewelry, furniture and décor from his home are all to be auctioned off on Saturday at Julien’s Auctions. According to the web site:

“Highlights from this sale include two versions of Slash’s Gibson signature guitars, stage and event worn T-shirts, Slash’s diamond encrusted guitar pendent, a pair of monumental red suede conversion sofas from Slash’s home, Slash’s Harley, 1966 corvette, and other eclectic items from Slash’s travels around the world. From Guns N’ Roses early days, through the formation of Velvet Revolver to Slash’s solo career — every period of Slash’s career is represented in over 300 items.”

The auction items are currently on view in Beverly Hills at Julien’s Auctions showroom at 9665 Wilshire Boulevard until Saturday. A portion of the proceeds goes to Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) a non-profit organization that works with abused and homeless teens. If the coffee table is just a precursor of the furniture in the auction, it may compensate for this depressingly well-staged house Slash sold a few years ago, that lacked all the drama you would expect from the top-hatted guitarist.

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