Mosaic Tile in Bloom


The end of the rainy weather has us looking for spring flowers well before the beginning of May. We found them in New Ravenna‘s Jacqueline line, a collection of handcrafted mosaic tiles that are just plain pretty.

The patterns are composed of jewel glass (polished glass with true jewel hues). Jacqueline in blue (above) contains colors in alexandrite, citrine, peridot and olivine.

In white, the pattern becomes more delicate with the colors of citrine, amazonite and moonstone.

And when it becomes pure white, you lose the jewel tones but keep the wonderful texture.

For those who prefer their colors big and bold, there’s the green colorway of ruby, sardonyx, olivine and malachite.

You can find the tile in Ann Sacks showrooms around California. Prices range from $170 to $240 per square foot.

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