Walking in L.A.: Venice Garden and Home Tour


I love walking in L.A. Especially in Venice and Santa Monica where the air is clear and the beach is near. I prefer dusk, when the light balance between outdoor and in is just so, and you can peek ‘in’ to the domestic lives of others. Call it the voyeur in me.  

Sign up for the upcoming Venice Garden and Home Tour scheduled for May 7,  and you’ll have carte blanche to snoop all you want while supporting a good cause (the Las Doradas Children’s Center).

This year’s tour focuses on the idyllic walk streets of Venice. These walk streets are home to the likes of Julia Roberts (doubt her house is on the tour).  But, here’s your chance to visit  homes and gardens designed by  some of L.A.’s best, including Barbara Bestor (see the ‘Floating Bungalow’ which I shot for her and is pictured above and below).  

Other well known designers include Pamela Burton and my pal Di Zock. A perennial favorite is Scott Mayer’s Lantern House (below), which I’ve shot for Garden Design and Better Home’s & Gardens. Always inspired, the tour is my favorite of the year.


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