Design Dilemma: Flower Decals


Design is a very contextual thing. What looks like a million bucks in one situation could look like a big mistake in another. Although not a lover of window decals, I can see their problem-solving capabilities—especially in an urban area where your “view” might be a light well or the peeling paint on the north side of the neighbor’s house.

OOTS! has created what they call “flat flowers”—window decals—for reasons such as this. I think these peel-and-stick removable films could work in a situation where you need to screen a bit of view (such as the tar and gravel roof of the house next door) without obscuring the nice scenery visible beyond it.

And, since they are images of real flowers (as opposed to cartoonish drawings), they could have a place in a fun-loving powder room, a kid’s play area or a closet with a window.

Despite their decal status, they are flowers that make you happy to look at—I think they’ll win some design-minded fans.

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