Terrarium Inspiration from Portland’s Ace Hotel



I was in Portlandia last weekend, taking design notes. I know, I know, this is California Home+Design. But since half of our state seems to have booked a one-way trip to that soggy city, I’m going to pass this off as a pseudo-native idea.


Portland is a veritable craft guild, with every other storefront in the Pearl District showing off homespun wares by locals. We made the mandatory pilgrimage to the Ace Hotel, where aside from the towering industrial chandelier, what caught my eye were the enormous glass jars filled with rocks, soil, and succulents. The terrariums were designd by Marie Kilmer of Space Design. My monkey-see, monkey-do brain thought: Hello, project! and I promptly found instructions (via CA-founded ReadyMade magazine) for how to make your own mini terrarium. For the more adventurous (and virtuous) among us, try making the glass container out of a recycled juice jug



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