Design Dilemma: Walls to Write On


You have tons of brilliant ideas—they would make you rich if only there was  a place to jot them down when inspiration strikes. IdeaPaint could save the day.

The product is a water-based paint that, once it dries, creates a non-toxic dry erase board. It allows you to make any smooth area a writing surface.

A few years ago, everyone was going bananas over chalkboard paint. Here’s the problem that any grade school teacher could share: Chalk and erasers make a dusty mess. The beauty of the dry erase board is that it is virtually mess free.

In their online gallery, IdeaPaint shows the product mainly being used in kids’ rooms. I think it would be great in a home office. Just think, you could finally banish the multitude of Post-It notes that have been decorating your computer for the past year. Or, as one IdeaPaint user shared, you could put your to to-do list where you can’t miss it.


I also love the idea of coating a horizontal surface with the paint, as a preschool did with some tables. It’s a great idea for “big kids” too.

IdeaPaint comes in eight colors and can be ordered from the IdeaPaint website. Prices start at $29.99 for a kit that provides coverage for six square feet.

Now when the next big money maker strikes, you’ll be ready.

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