Holiday DIY


Whether it’s Hillel sandwiches or tie-died eggs, spring holidays are all about making stuff, then eating it. Let’s focus on the making part. You’d have to hog-tie me to Martha Stewart to choke up an egg-dipping tutorial. Instead, I offer these easy ideas for your table:

1. Spend an afternoon foraging for fallen branches and recreate these gilt place cards or picture holders with a gold-leaf paint pen.

2. Inspired by this “messy tablecloth”, I plan to sketch a Passover plate, shank bone and all, right onto fabric. For that you’ll need a black tablecloth and a white paint pen. Here’s a template.

3. Having just customized my kids’ bunk bed with chalkboard paint, these napkin rings seem like a snap. Bonus points for the mustache version.

4. For my barn wedding, I made wheatgrass table runners (each guest was assigned an animal). Here’s the Easter version.

5. Referencing both the bitter herbs of the Seder and the verdant scents of spring, I like the idea of tying a few branches of thyme or rosemary to napkins, too.

Happy Passover & Peeps!

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