Stylish Sips


For many people a water bottle is a permanent desk accessory. In fact, I know people that I’ve never seen without a water bottle on their person and I myself tote one around the office. Of course, in the design world, if you are going to have it, it should look good and function beautifully. It’s time to recycle my unsightly and politically incorrect Crystal Geyser plastic embarrassment for something more stylish.

My current favorite is by Sort of Coal and available at Fitzsu in Los Angeles. A mouth-blown bottle contains Kishu Binchotan (a water purifying charcoal) that soaks up chlorine and the like from tap water and releases natural minerals back into it. It allegedly softens and improves the taste of water. I like it because it looks great.

Another contender is the Bobble Water Bottle by Karim Rashid. It is made from a BPA-free recycled plastic material and also sports a charcoal filter that claims to “remove impurities.” The slim middle would make it easy for me to carry from meeting to car to gym.

The bkr (pronounced beaker) bottle is from an SF-based company. It’s a glass bottle encased in a colorful silicone sleeve. I like the loop on the lid (perfect for carrying).

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