Introducing Tango from Corbett Lighting


Tango, the new lighting fixture from California-based Corbett Lighting, gives design lovers a reason to dance.

There’s a lot to love about the fixture: It’s large (a 30-inch globe), it’s attractive (it has bronze-colored textured iron on the outside, warm silver leaf on the inside) and it’s energy-saving (it uses LED bulbs).

The energy-efficient aspect and the modern look is a bit of a new direction for the company. I say “a bit” because although Corbett Lighting is making a solid commitment to producing LED light fixtures, it will still be selling the bold, glittering pieces the company has become known for during its 40-year history. However, there will reportedly be some more mod offerings.

If some of the items look as good as the Tango, they will win some new customers (myself included). The fixture shown here (the extra-large version) retails for $3,285.00.

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