Laser-Sharp Design By search+resQ


Sometimes necessity really IS the mother of invention. Designer and artist Ando Pndlian of search+ResQ wanted a clothing line he worked on to stand out at a trade show, so he used a laser cutter to create unique hang tags and hangers. The precision of the laser cutter appealed to Pndlian, who says it’s unrivaled in terms of quality control and instant tactile gratification.

So he began using the laser cutter to imprint his designs on just about any material you can imagine – reclaimed wood, lamps, laptops, metal, old wine barrel lids. Inspired by both the organic forms in nature and hard-edged, industrial cityscapes (often co-existing in an imaginary realm on the same piece), Pndlian has been creating custom designs for products, art, and architectural installations (including recreating vintage wallpaper etched into wood panels in the new restaurant, Lukshon, in Culver City).

Pndlian says he looks for “overlooked objects” as the source for his inspiration. The shape, size, and aesthetics of the material often influence his design, incorporating the natural grain of a piece of wood, for instance, into the graphics.

Pndlian is the featured artist this month at dialect, in downtown L.A., with a closing reception this Saturday. The gallery is showing about 20 pieces from his laser cut projects, all available for sale (prices upon request). He also accepts custom commissions and will put his laser skills to work on just about any material (he suggested laser cutting a design into my shoes – a tempting offer).

dialect is located at 215 W. 6th Street, Ste 111 and the closing reception runs from 5-11pm on Saturday.

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