The Marimekko Shop to Open in SF & L.A.


Marimekko, the most joy-inducing textile on the planet, is setting up shop in two Crate & Barrel stores in California next month. And, if you can’t wait to get your design jollies on, an online shop opened just hours ago. Marimekko and Crate & Barrel are not exactly strangers, as the contemporary retailer has been selling the Finnish design house’s ubiquitious poppy print for years. But now there will be more (and less familiar) patterns in a dedicated store-within-a-store. Let the color riot begin!

Not only will we see new patterns and hues when the stores open in C & B (on May 19 at the store at 189 The Grove Dr. in L.A. and on May 26 at 55 Stockton St. in SF), but there are also new accessories to enjoy. I love the Spinning pattern (above) and the Madison print (below) on the new patio umbrellas ($99.95-$789).

The Marimekko bedding shows a more serious side with patterns like Ruutukaara and Saarni linens ($24.95-$129).

The tableware has some graphic pieces, such as the Siirtolapuutarha plates ($34).

There’s a lot more here to make design lovers happy, including kid’s items, pillows, clothing and bags.

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