Hundreds of Pieces on Sale Tomorrow in Artist Beth Weintraub’s Mission Studio


San Francisco-based artist Beth Weintraub is relocating to New York. It’s a loss for the Bay Area cultural scene but a boon for art lovers, because to save on moving costs she’s selling a lot of her work at deeply discounted prices (up to 75 percent off).

When you factor in the amount of her work with the cost of a moving van (she’s had estimates approaching $15,000) it makes sense that she’s marking pieces that normally sell for $1,400 down to $400-$600. Hundreds of pieces will be offered in her Mission District studio.

Weintraub’s art is comprised of etchings and silk screen works embellished with paint. In her art nature takes on wild, graphic and colorful forms.

Many of the pieces are mounted on 20-inch-square wooden panels (although sizes vary). Some works are meant to hang together to form one large-scale image, such as this etched metal piece.

The sale, which runs on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., is at the artist’s studio at 1 Enterprise St. (located between 16th and 17th off Folsom St.). Visiting the studio, and meeting the artist, would be a treat unto itself.

Please note that cash is preferred, but credit cards are accepted.

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