Design Dilemma: Fast Fix for an Ugly Fireplace


It’s hard to find faux fireplace logs that are anything but tacky, and that’s the last thing you want your fireplace (generally the focal point of a room) to be. A California company, Blazing Glass, has the solution to your fake wood problem.

I was inspired to find a source for ceramic fireplace balls after I scouted a remodeled St. Helena house that used them for a great effect. Imagine replacing the phony charred wood in a gas fireplace with the ceramic orbs offered by Blazing Glass: Instant mod.

As you can see from the photos above, the company offers sets in both uniform  (in either 4 or 8 inches in diameter) and mixed sizes. They also allow buyers to choose from eight colors, ranging from white to black (with hues such as natural, adobe red and brown in between).

Prices start at $159.95 and go up to $1,384.95 which, in the remodeling world, amounts to a fast and inexepensive fix.

Here’s the catch: You have to have a fully vented fireplace to use the product (meaning you must have a chimney). Also, if you have a straight-line burner (one that is typically used with faux logs), the flame might not appear full. Best to invest in one of the pan burners sold at Blazing Glass (another $230 or so).

After your fireplace is transformed, you can relax in front of a blaze that’s warm and chic.



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