Air Fresheners: The Next Generation


When you think of air fresheners, you likely imagine the products that grace grocery store shelves and Grandma bathrooms across the country. You know the ones I’m talking about: brightly colored, gelatinous, plastic-packaged items that smell like the wares of 100 cheap perfume factories. Serene House Scentilizers are the next generation of air fresheners, and they are different. Way different.

Let’s start with the fact that the sleek items don’t look tacky. Their appearance is more akin to a modern kitchen appliance. Add the fact that they utilize music and light displays and you have something that’s more George Jetson than Granny. Take the Mist Whistler: the frosted glass cone diffuses a scented mist and comes with a speaker that will hook up to an MP3, MP4 or CD player.

Then there’s the Lantern with a dome that emits a soft glow and music as it scents the air:

The Angel also uses mist and music, but it has a movable cone that allows users to adjust the mist stream.

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