The Picnic Table Reimagined


With summer quickly approaching, thoughts of picnics in parks are warming my soul. Images of friends & family gathered around a picnic table are etched into my memory from many summers past. But never were those picnic tables as stylish or innovative as these. Here are two new approaches to the picnic table that break the traditional three-piece mold.

Designers Wouter Nieuwendjik and Jair Straschnow have created an original design for a picnic table ingeniously called Another Picnic Table. But don’t let the name fool you, this is not just another picnic table. Splitting the traditional bench into two individual seats has allowed for easier access and adjustable seating positions. This picnic table is still officially at the project level and not available for purchase, yet.

Belgian furniture design firm Extremis has created the Hopper Table and Seat. This original design unites the table and bench into one piece making it easier to move around. The table is made of highly resistant wood that contrasts nicely with the white finish on the metal legs. The Hopper Table and Seat can be ordered through The table comes in four different lengths and prices range from $5,400-$8,700. 


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